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leader's speech

greetings to you all!

in 2017, metron has achieved massive success. the annual  production and sales of diamond wire exceeded 7.5 million kilometers. in 2018, metron  will face new opportunities andmore challenges.based on the company's medium and long-term development strategy, we will deeply analyzeand combinethe current competition situation ande development trend of diamond wire industry, enter and dominate in otherapplicationsof  diamond wire.meanwhile, we will strengthen the transformation ofindustry-university-research, invest more in r&d, store new products and continue the expansion to meet the needs caused by the changes of market.

as the world's leadingdiamondwire manufacturer, we have gained a deeper understanding of our responsibilities and fulfilled themactually. despite the fact that the product is in short supply, we insist not to raise the price, but to focus on the expansion of production capacity, high investment in r&d, and competitive price-performance ratio. we provide powerful guarantee for  customer’s cutting methodconversionand  profit growth,and promote the cost decrease and further development ofpv industry.

metron's  successescan not be separated from the hard workof all members,  the care from government and community,andthe strong supports and full trust from our customers and partners. we are very grateful for these.

while seizing the opportunity, we are soberly aware that there is still a lot of space for improvementin product application, company itself and the industry. metron will continue to stay modest and prudent, do solid work and pursuit perfection.

metronaspireto be the world's leading diamond wire manufacturer& facilitator since 2018,and we will strive for it. based on continuous  technical progressand multi-dimensional innovation, metron aims to set up a fair and open environment with positive energy,promote team spirit and improve execution.meanwhile, we will insist onraising product performance-price ratio andreducing customer's production costs.we'll expandproduction capacity from current24 million kilometers per year,and invest in r&d of new diamond tools and various new materials.we willkeep listening to ourcustomers and understanding their needs, keep strengthening customer service andpushingthe strategic cooperation relationshipforwardtodeeper level.

the “531policy” in 2018 brings out the higher demand forpvindustry. it is expected that the second half of 2018 and the first half of 2019 will be theperiodfor the regeneration ofpventerprises. itmeans both opportunities and challenges for metron. we will  take ourresponsibility of theindustry, make price adjustments intime, promote innovation andtechnical progress,andpromote the transformation and upgrading of the company,tospeed up the pace of grid parityfor pvpower.

thegrid parity of pv powerisstill waitingforus to strive, develop and achieve. metron will work together with all of our partners to promote the development of pv industry and clean energy industry,  to make contributionfor blue sky and white clouds environment! 

 wu ying